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In the Way of All Flesh book launch!

In the Way of All Flesh is officially OUT!

This dark fantasy about ladies in love is available in both Kindle and physical form!

This is my debut novel, and I put seven years of hard work into it. It’s a story that’s heartfelt and dramatic and full of suspense, thrills and messy feelings. It comes from a lot of my experiences as mentally ill queer woman who struggled a lot with my mortality and identity when I was younger, and it’s a story that I hope can help other people find hope and healing. Here’s the summary:

Gloomy teenager Manee Srikwan wears long sleeves and keeps her hands to herself for a good reason–whenever she touches a person for the first time, she sees a vision of how they will die. Manee’s weird powers cause those around her nothing but misery and she’s long resigned herself to a life of loneliness. But her vivacious classmate, Stephanie Pierce, changes all that. She smashes through every wall Manee puts up and overturns every expectation. 

As the girls grow closer, Manee’s feelings for Stephanie blossom into love. She yearns to be more intimate but is anxious about breaking her all-important “hands-off ” rule. When she finally gives in to temptation, she sees a terrifying future where Stephanie is murdered — and Manee is her killer! Now Manee has a choice to make— will she fight this fate or let it rule her?

I really want to see this book reach people who might enjoy it, if you can help me out by spreading the world, you’d get my eternal gratitude. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening related to this book right now, so here’s a list of things you can participate in:

-Want to get the novel through a venue other than Amazon? Buy the books through Regal CrestBella Books,or Barnes and Noble!  Support radical indie bookstores and get the novel through Firestorm Books in Asheville!

-Leave a review on Goodreads! Leave a review on Amazon! I can’t overstate how important reviews are! I want your honest feedback!

-Check oumy interview with Regal Crest where I give behind-the-scenes-info on the book! And check out my guest post on LGBTQreads,“How ‘In the Way of All Flesh Got Gay: Death, Desire and Self Discovery” where I talk about the themes of this book and how it reflects my own queer journey!

-Join my Patreon and get exclusive behind-the-scenes info and perks!

-And, dare I dream it, if you really like the book, spread the love through fanfic and fanart and let me know about it!

Caitlin Donovan